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Crack Judiciary Exams

Rank High + Save Time & Unnecessary Frustration 


We understand your challenges...

With approximately 1 lakh graduates appearing for judiciary exams every year;

& infrequent vacancy announcements on short notice periods;

& high costs of preparation that sometimes lasts years;

& lengthy syllabus that requires hours and hours of labour;

& lack of clarity of guidance...

The journey towards your success at becoming a Judge is often


While the journey to sit behind the honourable podium is a tough one, there are many ways in which it can be made significantly easier. We at Jai Judicial Academy are dedicated to doing exactly this.


We, at Jai Judicial Academy, understand your challenges and how to overcome them

in order to help you succeed faster and achieve your dreams.

No more spending years preparing due to lack of correct guidance...

No more confusion about how to prepare and what to focus on...

No more needing multiple sources of study material to yield good results...

No more struggling to retain the syllabus...

No more struggling to apply the law effectively...

No more struggling with your writing skills & answer formation...

No more getting lost in a class of thousands of students...

No more losing motivation mid-preparation...


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*The Number One recommended Coaching Institute by Judges*

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+91 9910887373

D-85, Nangal Dewat, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


judiciary coaching

I came to JJA pretty frustrated with my experience in giving judiciary exams. I had very little hope before JJA and continuously doubted my ability to succeed. Within no time of being at JJA, I realised that the problem with my preparation was lack of a proper strategy and clarity of concepts. The faculty here tackled those issues within no time and today I'm serving at my dream job. I cannot say enough good words about JJA. They have been a blessing!

judiciary coaching

Every ounce of my success is dedicated to Jai Sir and Jai Judicial Academy. All I did was study from their notes and attend the classes regularly. Those were enough for doing well and succeeding.

judiciary coaching

The hostel was a great environment to focus on studies and learn from other equally dedicated students. I don't think I could have cleared the exam studying at home alone. The atmosphere makes a lot of difference and JJA provided the perfect one for excellence.

judiciary coaching

Jai Sir's experience talks. No question was ever left unanswered. And not only was it answered, there was always so much nuance in Jai Sir's answers. I learnt a lot from him, especially how to articulate what I want to say with clarity.

judiciary coaching

Sir's understanding of law is clear and deep, plus he never fails to teach using current judgements. A teacher that is constantly learning himself is exactly the teacher you need to succeed in judiciary exams.

judiciary coaching

The homely atmosphere at JJA was instrumental in my success. The preparation period can be really stressful and having Jai Sir as a mentor put me at ease. He is friendly, inspiring and a great great teacher. 10/10 recommend studying at JJA!

judiciary coaching

The precision that Jai Sir teaches with and his command over law is what helped me Rank 1st in DJS in just ONE YEAR'S PREPARATION. I knew exactly what to study and what to leave. Even the interview questions were exactly those that Sir had guided me to prepare for. His bullseye mind is secret to my quick success.

judiciary coaching

I was supported every step of the way. From clearing doubts, to helping plan schedule, to separate PT & mains prep, to interview preparation. No aspect of the exam was ignored. I'm glad I chose JJA over others.

judiciary coaching

With so many Acts and so many sections and so many exceptions and case law, studying for the exam was really overwhelming. Jai Sir made everything so simple. I don't think I could have achieved that clarity on my own.

judiciary coaching

Every time I felt hopeless and tired and felt like giving up, the faculty brought me hope and the fighting spirit to keep working hard for my dreams. The classes are packed with clarity, precision and motivation.

judiciary coaching

The material is super thorough. The classes are impactful. And the support provided by JJA is unmatched.

judiciary coaching

You cannot go wrong with the decision of joining JJA. Incredible teachers. Good study material. And the tests are absolutely on point.

judiciary coaching

I thought I understood law and then I came to JJA. Sir is an incredible teacher.


In essence, Jai Judicial Academy began when Our Founder and a Former Judge, Mr. Jai Prakash Narain began helping his nieces and nephews in their Judiciary preparation after coming back home from the Court. As someone who had cleared DJS and was serving as a Metropolitan Magistrate, he knew exactly what kind of preparation was needed to ace the exams. He began preparing notes for them and teaching them along the way. His hard-work paid off and his strategy, study material and teaching proved to be a massive success. Not only did one or two of his family members clear judiciary exams, all of them who prepared under his guidance managed to succeed with flying colours. This is when he knew he had a contribution to make to students preparing for judiciary. Not long after, he officially started Jai Judicial Academy... and the rest is history!

Our Vision at Jai Judicial Academy, is to provide you with everything you might need in your journey towards achieving success in the field of judiciary. Our coaching institute is dedicated to making your life easier during the vastly challenging preparation phase - be it formulating a preparation strategy that yields result, or preparing concise and impactful notes, or understanding application of law, or developing writing skills, or working on articulation for the interview portion of the exam, or making sure you are tested regularly... we have you fully covered. Your success is our responsibility.


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Mr. Jai Prakash Narain, the Director of Jai Judicial Academy, a B.Com. Hons. Graduate from Hindu College and a law graduate from Delhi University - started practicing law in 1988 and joined the Delhi Judicial Service in 1992, during which he worked as a judge in various posts up to 2011. His 34 years of experience in the field of law is exactly what he utilises when preparing his students to become competent judges. He believes in working smart and working hard, both serve their purpose in the journey of life as well as judiciary.

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Mr. Satyam Beniwal, our co-head faculty, has graduated with a BA LLB from University School of Law and Legal Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. He is passionate about enabling young minds to pursue their career in the Legal field with confidence and clarity. He specialises in teaching Indian Penal Code, Contract Law, Evidence Act and other minor laws.


Ms. Pragya Beniwal, is a History Hons. graduate from Hindu College, Delhi University and a Law graduate from Warwick Law School, Warwick University, United Kingdom. She specialises in Tort Law, Constitutional Law and helps students develop their writing and articulation skills.


Mrs. Mahima Sangwan was awarded B.A. and PhD in Environmental Geography from Maharshi Dayanand University. She aids students with the General Knowledge and Language papers.

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